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Application:A fungicide used at 30-50 g a.i./ha and effective against a wide range of fungal pathogens including: eyespot and other diseases of cereals; scab on apples and pears; canker on fruit trees, powdery mildews on pome fruit, stone fruit, vegetables, cucurbits, strawberries, vines, roses, etc.; leaf spot diseases on beet, oilseed rape, celery, celeriac, etc.; club root on brassicas; dollar spot, grey mould in vines; sigatoka disease in bananas; and many diseases in floricultur. Also used on almonds, pecans, tea, coffee, peanuts, soya beans, tobacco, chestnuts, sugar cane, citrus fruit, figs, hops, mulberries, and many other crops. Used additionally as a wound protectant for pruning cuts on trees.

Physical and Chemical properties:appearance white or off white crystal powder,molecular weight 342.4,melting point 172℃,vapour pressure 0.0095mpa at 25℃.

Main formulation :70%WP,50%WP,50%SC