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Application:Mode of action yellow Systemic fungicide of friazole kind with protective and curative action Uses control of Ascomyceles,Fungi imperfectl.and Basid- iomycetes on a wide variety of crops.Forexample,used as a foliar treatment for control of scab and powder mildew in apples,pears and bananas,powdery mildew in vines and cucurbits,pwwdery mildew and rusts on (moamentals), rusts on perennial grasses grown for seed;and various diseases  of wheat;as a seed treatment for control of seed and soil-borne diseases in barley, maize,cotton,rice and wheat;and as a post-harvest drench or dip.

Physical and Chemical Properties:Form pale yellow solid,M.P.63℃ V.P.(25℃)0.213mPa solubility soluble in common organic solvets.e.g.ketones.esters.alcohols and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Main formulation:40%WP,25%WP,12.5%EC,24%EC