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Application:Metribuzin is a selective triazine herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis of susceptible plant species. It is used for control of annual grasses and numerous broadleaf weeds in field and vegetable crops, in turfgrass, and on fallow lands. Metribuzin is available as liquid suspension, water dispersible granular, and dry flowable formulations.

Physical and Chemical Properties:The pure product is a colorless crystal. Melting point 125.5~126.5℃, Vapor pressure 0.058Mpa (20℃). Solubility (20℃): 1.05g/L in water, 820g/kg in acetone, 220g/kg in benzene, 850g/kg in chloroform, 1kg/kg in cyclonexanone, >200g/L in dichloromethane, 190g/kg in ethyl alcohol, 0.1~1.0g/L in hexane, 50~100g/L in iso-propanol, 50~100g/L in toluene. Kow 40. There is a slight sulfur odour in the chemicals. The purity of product≥95%.

Main formulation:70%WP,75%WP,70%WDG